One of the most exciting things about receiving letters is to see what kind of stamps were used. Having family and friends from Japan and Finland, I have received all kinds of beautifully designed stamps. The "Airmail" print is an ode to my love of stamps and snail mail. I designed all the stamps to include things that I cherish from both of my home countries. I also incorporated special dates into the date stamps to make the print even more personal.

The Airmail print has been printed onto fabric (in Melbourne, Australia) and sewn into skirts and zippered pouches by myself. A select number of the individual stamp paintings have been turned into wooden UV printed laser cut brooches. And you can’t do an Airmail print without incorporating some stationary so I also made a postcard!

The print’s elements were painted with Holbein Acryla Gouache and then scanned in and arranged into a repeatable print on Adobe Photoshop 2018.

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