50 cats of Perth

“50 cats of Perth” is a project I did in 2015. I had made some little zines with portraits of different cat breeds and wanted to take the idea further. I wanted to get better at drawing cats so I decided I would paint 50 cats and then compile them all into 1 A3 art print. At first I considered doing different breeds but then I had the idea of drawing other people’s cats as a way to involve the community (and for me to see other people’s cats!).

I put out a call on social media and photos of Perth cats came pouring in. As I was drawing all the cats I realised that the unpainted cats looked really great and would be interesting as a colouring book. Rather than make the book just a colouring book, I collected stories about each cat to include on each page so that the reader can have fun getting to know each cat personally. The book was funded successfully through Pozible. You can view a video and read more about the campaign here: http://pozi.be/50catsofperth

To launch the book and showcase all the paintings, I had an exhibition at a small gallery/shop in Mount Lawley in October 2015.

Each cat portrait is drawn in ink then painted with Windsor and Newton watercolours 2015.

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